Can I buy Wimbledon 2022 tickets if I live abroad?

There are several ways that international residents are able to purchase tickets for The Championships, with different levels of certainty, timescales and budget.

Overseas Tennis Federations and Associations

The AELTC do allocate tickets to overseas tennis federations and associations for distribution to their affiliated clubs. Clubs then allocate the tickets to their members, often by a lottery system. This may be a route to acquiring tickets for The Championships for overseas tennis club members and players.

The AELTC Overseas Ballot

The AELTC administers a ballot for overseas residents that is separate from the UK Public Ballot. Similar to the UK Ballot, the Overseas Ballot it is a lottery so there is no guarantee of success in the ballot.

It is not possible to request tickets for specific days or courts.

Only one application is permitted per household from a permanent residential address. Successful applicants in the Overseas ballot will be offered one pair of tickets for one days play on either Centre Court, No. 1 Court, No. 2 Court or No. 3 Court.

As with UK Public Ballot, Overseas Ballot tickets cannot be sold, transferred or advertised for sale or transfer.

The Championships were cancelled in 2020 and the AELTC decided to offer all successful paid applicants the same tickets for the 2021 Championships. As a result, there will be no Overseas Ballot for 2021.

The Overseas Ballot application process is online and has 2 stages. The first stage is the registration and the second the application. For the 2020 Championships the registration period was from September 9 to October 21. The second step was the application process which opened on November 1 and closed on November 30. Successful applicants were notified via email between the end of January and end of March 2020.

Official hospitality providers

The AELTC allocates a number of prime seats to a small number of hospitality providers each year. 

Keith Prowse is the official Wimbledon hospitality provider and offers packages of prime seats, on Centre Court and No. 1 Court  with  a number of different fine dining options in dedicated lounges and restaurants within the Grounds. There are options for different numbers of guests and different offers at different prices.

Obviously packages become more expensive as the tournament progresses culminating in the men’s finals. 

These packages are expensive but will provide the certainty of being able to attend the Championships on a chosen date.

It would be advisable to contact hospitality providers as soon as possible. There is likely to be less choice closer to the period of The Championships 2021.

Wimbledon Debenture tickets

Wimbledon Debenture tickets are the finest seats in the best locations on Centre Court or No. 1 Court and are the only legally transferable tickets for Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Debenture seats on Centre Court are located in the middle ring around the Court and roughly in line with the Royal Box.

Wimbledon Debenture Holders often sell their unwanted tickets to brokers or sell them to potential buyers directly through marketplace type sites.

Although, due to local laws, residents of some countries cannot hold Wimbledon Debentures directly (including the U.S.A. and Japan), they can buy and use Debenture holders’ tickets.

Until the 2021 Championship, Debenture tickets were delivered in paper form so extra time was needed for safe and timely delivery of the tickets. The 2021 tickets will be delivered electronically, so last-minute sales may be possible.

Wimbledon Debenture tickets can be expensive but they are guaranteed, and are recognised as the most exclusive tickets to The Championships.