Can I Choose a Specific Seat at The Wimbledon Championships?

Getting a good seat at The Wimbledon Championships can sometimes come down to luck. For many tickets issued for the Tournament, visitors cannot choose where they sit.

If you are planning to attend the Championships on a General Public ticket you will not be able to choose your seat. Unless you are prepared to queue, you will also not be able to select the day that you attend the tournament.

Wimbledon Ticket Types and Seat Choice

For most tickets to The Championships, Wimbledon that give you access to the Show Courts, you cannot choose where you sit. However, there are very limited exceptions.

Debenture Tickets

Debenture seats are the finest seats on Centre Court and No. 1 Court, and the most sought after. Seat numbers are normally allocated to Debenture Holders in May of each year. If you buy your Debenture Ticket after seat numbers are allocated, you may be able to choose at least the gangway or section where you will be seated. On Centre Court, Debenture tickets are roughly at the same level as the Royal Box.

You may also be able to choose the exact seat number, if the Debenture Holder selling the ticket has provided this information.

Public Ballot Tickets

If you are successful in the Public Ballot you will be allocated the date, seat and the Court for which the ticket will be valid. You will have no choice at all in the allocation.

If you choose not to accept your allocation, these tickets will be re-ballotted. Public ballot tickets are strictly non-transferable and cannot be sold or advertised for sale.

Wimbledon Queue Tickets

If you are prepared to join the World-famous Wimbledon queue, you will be able to choose the day you attend the Championships. You will also be able to choose the Court. You cannot choose the gangway/section or seat number, however.

What are the Seating Arrangements at The Championships?

You can apply for up to 2 tickets in the Public Ballot. Although the tickets will be allocated to you randomly, if you are successful, the 2 seats will be seated together.

Wimbledon looks to seat pairs together first. After the pairs of seats are allocated, the Tournament organisers will place individuals who applied for a single ticket in the remaining seats.

Wimbledon’s courts all face north to south, to prevent players from having to look into the sun during play. This means, if you’re sitting on the west side of any of the courts during a morning session, you are likely to have the sun in your eyes.

During the afternoon, the sun will move to shine on the east side of Wimbledon’s courts. For context, the east stand at Centre Court is to the left of the Royal Box if you are facing the box.

For more information on purchasing Debenture Tickets to the Wimbledon Championships, head over to our FAQs here.