Can I sell or transfer my Wimbledon tickets if I can’t go?

Most Wimbledon Championship tickets cannot be resold or transferred. There are, however, exceptions to this rule.

Can tickets be resold?

Most reserved seats to The Championships are sold to the public via a ballot, either the UK Public Ballot or the Overseas Ballot. The Ballot allocates tickets to the Centre Court, Courts No 1 and No 2 and additionally Court No 3 for the Overseas Ballot.

Only one application can be made per household and two tickets are issued to successful applicants. The successful applicant must be in attendance on the day.

According to AELTC rules, these tickets are strictly non-transferable and cannot be sold, transferred or advertised for sale or transfer. Any tickets which are transferred, advertised or offered for sale or transfer will be void and entry to the Grounds denied.

Ticket-holders must show ID

As part of the Ballot application process the applicant agrees that the tickets will be for personal use and to provide ID at any time if required. The applicant also agrees the tickets will not be sold, transferred or advertised whether on the internet, in newspapers or elsewhere.

AELTC rules are designed to prevent individuals from winning ballot tickets and selling the tickets on for a large profit.

What happens to tickets that are not claimed or no longer required?

Unrequired tickets obtained through the Wimbledon Ballot can be returned to the AELTC for a refund. The AELTC will normally accept and refund the price paid for the tickets if they are returned at least 24 hours before the date of play enabling the AELTC to re-offer the tickets for sale.

Where are unwanted tickets resold?

Returned tickets are resold by the AELTC via Ticketmaster. Return tickets are sold 48 hours before the day of play. Reserved tickets go on sale at 9am each morning for the following day’s play. Tickets sold via Ticketmaster sell out within minutes as soon as they are released.

An exception to the rule – Debenture tickets

Wimbledon Debenture tickets are the only Wimbledon tickets that can legally be resold, gifted or transferred.

Debenture ticket holders’ seats are considered to be the finest seats in the best locations on Centre Court or No. 1 Court. On Centre Court, debenture ticket seats are located in the middle ring around the Court and roughly in line with the Royal Box.

Wimbledon Debenture tickets provide access to exclusive lounges and restaurants, a dedicated entrance and parking. Wimbledon Debenture Holders often sell their unwanted tickets to brokers or sell them to potential buyers directly through marketplace type sites.

Any buyers of Wimbledon Debenture tickets can also freely and legally resell the tickets or gift the tickets if they are no longer required at any time up until the date of play.