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Wimbledon Debenture issues occur every 5-years for entre Court and No.1 Court. However, Debentures can be purchased in the Secondary Market at any time.

What is a Wimbledon Debenture?

A Wimbledon Debenture is a financial instrument (debt security) issued by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club Limited (AELTC).

The money raised through the issue of Debentures funds projects around the Grounds, to continually improve the player and visitor experience, and to maintain Wimbledon's position as a world-class tennis venue.

The AELTC issues Debentures for its' two main Show Courts; Centre Court and No.1 Court. The Debentures are structured as a series of 5-year debentures.

A Debenture gives the holder a book of Wimbledon Debenture Tickets for every day of The Championships, for 5 years.

Debenture Tickets are the most sought after tickets at the Wimbledon Championships. Located on the same level as the Royal Box, Debenture Tickets offer the best views of Centre Court and No.1 Court.

Debenture Ticket holders can also access the exclusive Debenture restaurants and bars during The Championships.

Wimbledon Debenture tickets do not have the holder's name or a face value printed on them. Debenture tickets are the only tickets for the Championship that are freely transferable. Ticket holders are entitled to gift, transfer or sell some, or all, of their tickets.

Wimbledon Debentures can either be acquired in the primary market on issue directly from the AELTC, or once issued in the secondary market.

The primary market for Wimbledon Debentures

A new series of Wimbledon Debentures is issued every 5 years, but the new issues for Centre Court and No.1 Court take place in different years. The first Debenture issue for No.1 Court was issued in 1997 when there was already a Centre Court Debenture in issue.

The current Centre Court Debenture series covers the 2021-2025 Championships. This issue was announced in March 2019 and the Debentures allocated in June 2019. The price was set at £80,000 per Debenture and was payable in three instalments. The previous Centre Court Debenture had been issued at £50,000.

Existing owners have priority whenever new debentures are offered. As Debenture issues are usually oversubscribed, it has been hard for non-debenture holders to obtain Debentures in the primary market from the AELTC directly.

The latest Debenture series for No.1 Court will cover the 2022-2026 Championships. The issue was launched in the Autumn of 2021 and priced at £46,000 per Debenture. An additional 250 Debentures were placed taking the total of No 1 Court Debentures on offer in this issue to 1,250.

The No.1 Court debentures for 2017-2021 were priced at £31,000 at issue in 2016.

Buying Debentures on the secondary market

Wimbledon Debentures are not admitted to trading on any regulated market and are illiquid.

Wimbledon Debentures are wasting assets and trading prices will reflect how many Championships years are left in the series, the number of instalments that remain outstanding, as well as normal economic and market conditions.

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