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Wimbledon Tickets Ladies Tennis Match

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. The Tournament is held annually at the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) in London and it attracts attention from tennis fans, globally.

If you are hoping to obtain tickets to the Wimbledon Championships, here are your options:

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The Wimbledon Public Ballot

The Wimbledon Public Ballot is one of the most cost effective ways for members of the public to obtain tickets to Centre Court, Court No.  and Court No.2.

The Ballot is a lottery. Typically around 1 in 10 applicants are successful in obtaining tickets through the Public Ballot.

If you enter the Ballot, you will have no control over the court or day of play. If you win the Ballot and accept the tickets you are offered, you could end up watching anything from the first day's play on Court No.2, to the Men's Singles Finals on Centre Court.

The Second Ballot

If you are not successful in the first Ballot, there is still hope. Some winners in the first Ballot may not accept the tickets tickets they are offered. These rejected tickets will be offered in the Second Ballot, to applicants from the first Ballot, who were not initially successful.

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The Overseas Ballot

The Wimbledon Overseas Ballot is one of the most cost effective ways for non-UK residents to obtain tickets to the Wimbledon Championships.

The Ballot is usually open for the first 2 weeks of December, the year before the Tournament.  There are a number of rules that overseas applicant will need to be aware of:

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The Wimbledon Queue

If you are not successful in the Wimbledon Public Ballot, you still have options. You could try your luck in the famous Wimbledon Queue that forms outside the Grounds during the Tournament.

Competition for tickets is fierce and there is no guarantee that you will get tickets by queuing. Tennis fans are often prepared to camp out days ahead of the day on which they hope to attend.

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Local Tennis Club Tickets

Another way to obtain tickets is through your local tennis club or coach. Some local tennis clubs will receive a limited number of tickets that they can offer to their members or students.

Rejected Tickets

Unrequired tickets obtained through the Public Ballot can be returned to the AELTC for a refund. The AELTC will normally refund the full ticket price, as long as the tickets are returned at least 24 hours before the ticket date.

Returned tickets are then resold through Ticketmaster, 48 hours before the day of play.

The AELTC may also have a small number of tickets, held in reserve, that go on sale at 9am each morning for the following day’s play. These tickets are also sold through Ticketmaster and typically sell out within minutes of their release.

Returned Tickets

Tournament attendees are asked to return their tickets when exiting the Grounds, if they have no intention of returning on the same day.

Returned tickets are then made available for sale to Ground Pass Holders at the Resale Kiosk.

The Resale Kiosk is located to the North of Court No. 18 near the top of St Mary’s Walk.

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Wimbledon Ground Pass

A Ground Pass gives access to the Wimbledon Grounds and Unreserved Courts (in a first come first served basis).

The Unreserved Courts (Courts 3 to 18) are outdoor courts that host a variety of matches throughout the Tournament. It is still possible to see highly ranked players on the unreserved courts - especially in the first week of the Championships.

Ground passes can be purchased on the day from the Ticket Office at the AELTC Grounds, subject to availability.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase a Ground Pass on the day as demand usually far exceeds supply. To be in with a chance of getting a Ground Pass you will need to join the Wimbledon Queue on the day.

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Wimbledon Debenture Tickets

Debenture Tickets are the most sought after tickets at the Wimbledon Championships. Located on the same level as the Royal Box, Debenture Tickets offer the best views of Centre Court and No. 1 Court.

Debenture tickets entitle you to a full day of world-class tennis and access to debenture holder facilities, including the exclusive debenture restaurant, and lounges during the tournament.

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Secure your place at the 2023 Championships now

We currently have Wimbledon Debenture Tickets available to buy for Centre Court and No.1 Court, for every day of the 2023 Championships.

To get the ball rolling:

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