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Wimbledon Championships Genuine Tickets

Over the years there have been many well publicised accounts of fake Wimbledon Tickets in circulation.

So how do you know if your ticket is real?

Ticketing fraud is a thing of the past at Wimbledon

Fraudulent tickets have always posed a challenge to the organisers of major public events, including the Wimbledon Championships. With such frenzied competition for tickets, it may have been tempting to buy a ticket from an unauthorised vendor (ticket tout).

The media has always been full of stories of unwitting fans with fake tickets, being turned away at the Wimbledon gates.


Since 2021, Wimbledon Tickets have been distributed electronically, via the official myWimbledon App. The myWimbledon App, which is downloaded to your mobile device, associates your identity with a digital ticket.

Tickets must be accessed online when entering the Wimbledon Grounds. Paper copies, printouts or screen shots are no longer accepted.

Your e-ticket will be scanned when at the Gates when you enter and exit the grounds. This means that the central Wimbledon ticketing database is updated in real time.

The new digital ticketing system means that counterfeit tickets are a thing of the past.

Can tickets be legally transferred or resold?

Tickets purchased through the Public Ballot, the Overseas Ballot, the Wimbledon Queue, or from the Resale Kiosk, cannot be legally transferred.

With the exception of Debenture Tickets, it is not possible to transfer your tickets to another person via the myWimbledon App. You will be able to transfer your second ticket to whomever you decide to take with you, but as the primary ticket holder you will need to accompany your guest.

Wimbledon Debenture Tickets are the only tickets to the Championships that are legally transferable. Debenture Tickets are also distributed via the myWimbledon App.

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Should I still be wary?

If a third party approaches you outside the Wimbledon Grounds or offers to sell you a ticket ahead of the Tournament, they are likeley to be committing an offence. Ticket fraud can be reported at the Police Action Fraud Website.

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"Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on Saturday and that it all went smoothly. I didn't realise it was better than making a booking in a restaurant, but even then we were very lucky to get a beautiful table for 6 at the Wingfield restaurant. It was the only one available! Thanks for helping me organise this nice day with the family and let's stay in touch for future years."

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