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Wimbledon Tickets Cost Ladies Match

Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and tickets are always oversubscribed. Tickets to The Championships start at £8 for a Ground Pass. A premium Centre Court seat at the Men's Finals could cost upwards of £7,000.

We explain the ticket pricing for the various days, courts and seats, for the 2023 Wimbledon Championships:

Wimbledon Championships Tickets 2023

Public Ballot, Overseas Ballot and Wimbledon Queue Tickets 2022

DayDateCentre CourtCentre Court (Back Tier)No. 1 CourtNo. 1 Court (Back Tier)No. 2 CourtNo. 3 CourtGround Pass
1Mon 3 July80£70£75£65£46£46£27
2Tue 4 July£80£70£75£65£46£46£27
3Wed 5 July£100£90£90£80£56£56£27
4Thurs 6 July£100£90£90£80£56£56£27
5Fri 7 July£130£115£120£105£75£75£27
6Sat 8 July£130£115£120£105£75£75£27
7Sun 9 July£155£140£140£125£90£60£27
8Mon 10 July£155£140£140£125£90£60£27
9Tue 11 July£165£170£170£155£47-£20
10Wed 12 July£185£165£170£155£43-£20
11Thurs 13 July£220£200£80£70--£20
12Fri 14 July£220£200£80£70--£15
13Sat 15 July£255£230£45£40--£15
14Sun 16 July£255£230£45£40--£8

Wimbledon Debenture Tickets 2022

Wimbledon Debenture tickets are the most sought-after tickets in the tennis world. A Debenture Ticket entitles the Debenture Ticket Holder to sit in the exclusive club level Debenture seats on Centre Court and No.1 Court.

Debenture Tickets also entitle the Ticket Holder access to the exclusive Debenture Holder lounges, bars and restaurants at the Tournament.

Wimbledon Debenture Tickets are the only tickets to Wimbledon that can be legally bought and re-sold. There is an active secondary market for Debenture Tickets.

The following table is based on the average prices paid for a Debenture Ticket in 2021:

DayDateCentre CourtNo. 1 Court
1Mon 3 July£1,624£1,031
2Tue 4 July£1,424£966
3Wed 5 July£1,498£1,011
4Thurs 6 July£1,498£1,011
5Fri 7 July£1,793£1,132
6Sat 8 July£1,869£1,141
7Sun 9 July£1,980£1,296
8Mon 10 July£2,174£1,315
9Tue 11 July£2,250£1,378
10Wed 12 July£2,585£1,465
11Thurs 13 July£1,396£515
12Fri 14 July£4,280-
13Sat 15 July£1,784-
14Sun 16 July£4,569-

Secure your place at the 2024 Championships now

We currently have Wimbledon Debenture Tickets available to buy for Centre Court and No.1 Court, for every day of the 2024 Championships.

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We had a great time on Saturday

"Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on Saturday and that it all went smoothly. I didn't realise it was better than making a booking in a restaurant, but even then we were very lucky to get a beautiful table for 6 at the Wingfield restaurant. It was the only one available! Thanks for helping me organise this nice day with the family and let's stay in touch for future years."

Gabriel Buteler

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