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Making an offer for tickets on a mobile phone

Buyers and sellers can use the Green & Purple debenture ticket platform to set an asking price, and agree a selling price by making offers and counteroffers.

This guide explains the steps from making an initial offer to finalising your ticket purchase, including how to handle offers and counteroffers, what to expect in terms of seller response times, and your options for withdrawing an offer. 

How does the offer process work?

When listing Wimbledon debenture tickets for sale, sellers set an asking price, and you can make up to 3 offers on any specific ticket listing.

Once the buyer has submitted an offer, the seller has up to 3 days to:

  • Accept your offer: You will then have day to pay for your tickets.
  • Make a counteroffer: The seller may propose a different price.
  • Decline your offer: You can then make another offer or look for other tickets.

Sellers may receive offers from multiple potential buyers at the same time,  and the seller can accept any offer up to the point that the tickets have been paid for.

Sellers can also set an “Auto-decline offers below” price, below which offers may be automatically rejected by the system.

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Can I withdraw an offer after I have made it?

Yes. You can withdraw your offer if the seller has not yet accepted it. Once the seller has accepted your offer, a contract between you and the seller exists and you must then pay for the Tickets. Payment can be made via credit card, debit card, Paypal, GoCardless bank payment or direct bank transfer.

Can I buy it now?

Yes. He buyer can set a "Buy it Now" price enabling buyers to purchase debenture tickets immediately at the adver6tised price.

Get the ball rolling...

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If you would like to sell your debenture tickets, sell your tickets here.

Need help?

If you need help at any stage, you can refer to our detailed FAQs or you can contact us:

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It was an easy process

"I thought I'd send you a short note to thank you for dealing so efficiently with my Wimbledon debentures in 2021. It was an easy process to sell the days I didn't want to Green and Purple and payment was made promptly. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future."

Robert MacKenzie

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