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GB Padel Team - coverage from the 2022 World Championships

Get the latest coverage of the GB Padel Team from the 2022 World Championships. Follow their journey and achievements in this exciting tournament.



Green& Purple announce British Padel Team sponsorship

We're delighted to announce our sponsorship of the British Padel Team. This March, the Team will be competing in the 2022 World Padel Championships in Las Vegas

February 2022 News Round-up


Tennis news round-up - February 2022

Despite February usually being a relatively quiet month on the tennis calendar, many fascinating storylines played out this month which are well worth recapping



A Guide to Wimbledon Tennis Rules & How Points are Scored

Learn the rules & points system of the Championships. Read our comprehensive guide explaining how the Tournament operates and how matches are scored.

February 2022 The Month Ahead


The month ahead in tennis - February 2022

After an enthralling January, with Australian Open titles being won by Rafael Nadal and Ash Barty, February promises to be a bit quieter.

January 2022 News Round-up


Tennis news round-up - January 2022

Tennis News Round-up - January 2022



What happened to the Wimbledon middle-Sunday rest day?

The traditional day of rest at the Championships has now been scrapped. Why was this decision taken and what will be on the middle-Sunday schedule?



What happens to the balls after the Wimbledon Tournament?

Get answers to all your Wimbledon ball questions. Learn who makes them, how they're kept at 20°C, and if you can keep them if they land in the crowd

January 2022 The Month Ahead


The month ahead in tennis - January 2022

This year promises to be a fascinating one for tennis.