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Get the best price for your Centre Court and No.1 Court Debenture Tickets

Sell your Wimbledon Debenture tickets directly to the public using our trusted online marketplace. With 100's of registered buyers, competitive low commission fees, and fast payments, we ensure you get the best possible return on your Wimbledon Debenture investment.

Why sell my tickets through Green & Purple?

Green & Purple is a team of dedicated tennis obsessives. Founded by Debenture Holders, we understand the challenges and risks involved in selling Debenture Tickets if you can't attend every day of the Tournament.

We understand that you will want to make the best possible return on your Wimbledon Debenture.

  • Sell directly to the public: Connect with passionate tennis fans looking for the ultimate Wimbledon experience.
  • Sell for more: We help sellers get a better return for their investment. By showing buyers more information about your tickets, like seat location, whether they're in the shade or have a great view of the Royal box, we help you find the right buyer and the best price.
  • Low commission: Highly competitive selling fees.
  • Fast payments: Receive your funds within 7 days*.
  • Secure transactions: Sell in confidence through our secure online marketplace.

How do I sell my Wimbledon Debenture tickets?

Selling your Debenture Tickets through Green & Purple is a fast and easy process:

  1. Sign Up - Create your free online account
  2. List your Debenture Tickets: If you are a Debenture Certificate holder, you can simply enter your Debenture Certificate details and your linked Debenture tickets will be automatically created. You can also sell Debenture tickets you've acquired or received, even if they're linked to a Debenture Certificate that you don't own.
  3. Set your Asking Price - Our smart pricing system helps you set the optimum price for your tickets, but you have total control.
  4. Receive Offers: Compare offers from multiple buyers, or sell your tickets instantly with “Buy it Now”.
  5. Sell without risk: We do not transfer your tickets to the buyer until we have received payment. Payment is securely transferred to you within 7 days.

How much will it cost me to sell Wimbledon tickets through Green & Purple?

For the 2023 Championships year, we're offering an exclusive deal for new Green & Purple account holders - enjoy a 50% discount on our standard commission rate. You can now sell your debenture tickets at a significantly reduced 10% commission.


Here are the most frequently asked questions by new Wimbledon Debenture ticket sellers. For a comprehensive list of FAQs, please visit our FAQs page.

Can I set my own price for the tickets I'm selling?

Yes. You have full control over the asking price for your tickets. When listing your tickets, you'll set both your asking price and your minimum acceptable price. Potential buyers won't be able to see your minimum acceptable price.

Do you help me set the best selling price for my tickets?

Yes. Our system routinely analyses marketwide debenture ticket sale data,  and offers insights on how specific seat attributes (such as shaded areas, proximity to the Royal Box, or preferred views) can command a premium. You can easily update your ticket asking prices at any time.

How does the offer process work?

Offers below the Minimum Acceptable Price will be automatically rejected, although you can still choose to be notified and respond to low offers if you wish.

You have 24 hours to respond to an offer, either by accepting, declining, or making a counteroffer. Buyers are limited to a maximum of 3 offers per ticket.

Can I receive multiple offers on a ticket listing at the same time?

Yes. Buyers' offers expire within 24 hours, but you can receive offers from multiple buyers during the same period. You can then choose which offer to accept.

Can I set a ‘buy it now' price?

Yes. You can set a 'buy it now' price, allowing buyers to purchase and pay instantly instead of making offers.

Can I advertise my tickets for sale elsewhere?

Yes. You can list your tickets for sale through Green & Purple at the same time as advertising them elsewhere. We kindly request that you remove your tickets from the Green & Purple marketplace if you successfully sell them elsewhere.

Can I sell tickets individually or in groups of 2 or more?

Yes. Most Debenture Certificate Holders own pairs of Debenture tickets, and most buyers are looking for tickets in pairs. If you have more than 2 adjacent seat tickets for a day, these can fetch a premium and our system will guide you through setting the optimal price for groups of 4, 6, 8 or more tickets.

You can also sell your tickets individually if you prefer.

How will the buyer pay?

Buyers can pay for tickets through our secure online payment gateway.

How quickly will I receive payment after a successful sale?

You will receive the proceeds of your sale within 7 days of payment, or receipt of your ticket in out myWimbledon app (whichever is later)

Can I sell Debenture Tickets if I am not the Wimbledon Debenture Certificate holder?

Yes. If you own Wimbledon Debenture Tickets but you are not  the primary Wimbledon Debenture Certificate Holder, you can still sell your tickets through Green & Purple.

What if I have questions or need assistance during the selling process?

If you need help at any stage, you can refer to our detailed FAQ's or you can contact us:

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