What Are The Wimbledon Tournament Spectator Rules?

As the most prestigious and historic tennis tournament in the world, there are a number of rules spectators must observe during their visit to The Championships, Wimbledon.

If you’re attending the event for the first time, you will need to know these do’s and don’ts before you enter the Grounds.

You will need to adhere to rules or you could be refused entry to Wimbledon, removed from the court, or risk spoiling the event for others.

From etiquette to dress code, here’s how you can ensure you have a great day out at Wimbledon.

What is the etiquette at Wimbledon?

If your favourite player is on court, it’s hard not to want to cheer them on when they or their opponent are lining up a serve. Although this moment feels like a natural lull in the action, Wimbledon etiquette requires silence from the crowd before and during players’ serves.

An unexpected shout or cheer, however well-meant, could ruin a player’s concentration as they prepare to serve. Raucous crowd noise, music, phone rings etc are also distractions that may spoil the event for everyone around you. Umpires will ask spectators to settle down if they are causing too much disruption around the court.

If you make too much noise, speak while a point is in play, or become a distraction, you can be ejected from the court and from the Grounds.

You can cheer, clap and show your appreciation for players after a point has been played, but you must not sing or chant.

When can I leave my seat?

When entering or leaving the courts, you must sit in your allocated seat and should only leave your seat for a toilet break or refreshment when:

  • players take a short break after reaching the third game of a set; and
  • then when the players change sides, and
  • subsequently every two games thereafter.

Stewards will be understanding, however, if you have health issues or similar needs that require you to leave the court outside of these times.

COVID restrictions may also further restrict when you can leave your seat, and where you can go.

Fans can also be denied access to the grounds or courts, or prevented from returning to their seat, if they are too intoxicated or are wearing attire that falls outside the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s (AELTC) standards.

The Dress Code

It’s not uncommon to see attendees being refused entry to The Championships because of their clothing. In 2015, even Lewis Hamilton was barred from entry into the Royal Box .

Avoid the disappointment of missing out on an excellent day and follow the AELTC’s guidance by wearing comfortable, smart casual clothing.

If you’re entering the grounds on a Debenture Ticket, or are attending one of The Championships’ hospitality rooms, you will need to be wearing smart clothes, or you can be refused access.

You will be denied entry if you are:

  • Displaying any large political or marketing branding;
  • Bring with you any flags or banners;
  • Wearing an oversized hat or headgear.

Spectators are allowed to wear hats at the Tournament, so long as they are discrete and do not block the view of the person behind you. For more detailed information on Wimbledon’s dress codes, visit our Wimbledon Debenture ticket dress code guide.

COVID-19 Rules

Following Government guidance, COVID-19 restrictions were in place at the 2021 Tournament, and these provisions could remain in force for the 2022 Tournament.

To ensure safety and general wellbeing around the grounds, ticketholders must comply with restrictions (unless exempt) that are in place at The Championships.

The AELTC can refuse access or remove any person from the grounds who does not abide by COVID regulations which may include:

  • Mask-wearing in certain areas
  • Social distancing when queuing or taking your seats in the courts
  • Regularly washing your hands where possible

For more advice on Wimbledon’s COVID-19 conditions of entry, take a look at Green & Purple’s FAQs here.