What does the AELTC do with the money raised through debenture sales?

Debentures play a huge role in the story and history of Wimbledon. The money raised by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) from the issues of debentures are pivotal to the running of the club and fund enhancements around the grounds.

What is a Wimbledon Debenture?

A Wimbledon Debenture is a financial instrument issued by The All England Lawn Tennis Ground PLC.

Each Debenture entitles the holder to receive tickets for each day of The Championships, for five years. Debenture holders are usually seated at the same level of the royal box on Centre Court, or No. 1 Court.

Debenture holders are welcomed to the grounds through an exclusive entrance and have access to debenture restaurants, bars and lounges.

Debentures are hard to acquire and often stay with the same owners for years. The AELTC notes that “at least one family has held debentures since inception.”

Debenture tickets are the only Wimbledon tickets that can be legally resold.

How much money is raised through Debenture sales?

Wimbledon Debentures were first sold in 1920 for a combined total of £100,000 (about £4.5m in today’s money). The money raised helped the club to purchase the Church Road site and fund the construction of Centre Court.

100 years later, the club continues to raise funds through the sale of Wimbledon Debentures:

Centre Court
Series Total price paid on issue Number of Debentures Amount raised
2001-2005 £23,150 2,300 £53,245,000
2006-2010 £23,150 2,300 £53,245,000
2011-2015 £27,750 2,500 £69,375,000
2016-2020 £50,000 2,500 £125,000,000
2021-2025 £80,000 2,520 £201,600,000
No. 1 Court
Series Total price paid on issue Number of Debentures Amount raised
2002-2006 £9,900 1,000 £9,900,000
2007-2011 £12,250 1,000 £12,250,000
2012-2016 £13,700 1,000 £13,700,000
2017-2021 £31,000 1,000 £31,000,000
2022-2026 £46,000 1,250 £57,500,000

Current projects

Ian Hewitt, the AELTC chairman says, “We see the Debenture programme as a central part of our funding for all of our capital expenditure.”

The club has earmarked funds to pay for a number of big projects including the £65m purchase of a neighbouring golf club to further expand their corporate hospitality facilities.

The latest issue of No. 1 Court Debentures will help the club with its huge expansion into Wimbledon Park. Lying opposite the existing club grounds in Church Road, the AELTC is set to almost triple in size following the purchase of the lease of the land currently occupied by Wimbledon Park Golf Club.

What has the AELTC used debenture funds for historically?

In recent decades, Debenture funds have been used to fund a range of high-cost development projects around the grounds:

Year Project
1979 Raising the roof of Centre Court and construction of the Debenture Holders’ lounge
1980 Permanent members’ enclosure
1981 No. 1 Court Competitors’ Complex rebuilt
1985 East Side Centre Court building built
1986 Aorangi Park Pavilion constructed
1989 3 covered courts built
1991 Debenture Holders’ accommodation and offices built
1992 Centre Court roof replaced
2009 Centre Court retractable roof built
2019 No. 1 Court retractable roof built

The money raised by Debenture issues enables the AELTC to continually develop and improve the Wimbledon grounds and facilities. Debenture holders’ investment in Wimbledon ensures that The Championships remain the pinnacle of the tennis season, and a unique event in the world sporting calendar.

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