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Wimbledon Debenture Spectator

If you are looking for a VIP experience at the Wimbledon Championships, a Debenture Ticket is the way to go.

Situated on the same seating tier as the Royal Box, Debenture Tickets are the most sought after tickets at the Tournament. Debenture Ticket seats give tennis fans the best views of the action on Wimbledon’s historic Centre Court or the Championship’s newly-renovated No.1 Court.

What is a Wimbledon Debenture?

A Wimbledon Debenture is financial instrument that grants the Debenture Holder (owner) 5 years of exclusive Wimbledon Debenture Tickets for seats on either Centre Court or No.1 Court, for each day of the Tournament.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) issues new Wimbledon Debentures for every 5-years. The funds raised through Debenture sales help run the club and fund enhancements around the grounds.

Debentures are purchased by tennis fans and investors and, despite the significant financial outlay, primary Debenture issues are always over subscribed.

Debenture Tickets are the only tickets to the Championships that can be legally bought and sold.

Most Debenture holders will sell some of their Debenture Tickets. There is an active secondary market where Debenture Tickets are bought, sold and exchanged.

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What does a Wimbledon Debenture ticket entitle me to?

In addition to a club level seats on Centre Court or No.1 Court, Debenture Ticket holders are also granted exclusive access to the most prestigious bars, lounges and restaurants the AELTC has to offer. These include The Champions’ Room, The Renshaw Restaurant and The Courtside Restaurant.

On arrival, you can leave your car in the designated Debenture holder car park and avoid the crowds with access to the Grounds via Gate 4 on Church Road, which is reserved for Debenture Ticket Holders.

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Do I have to be a Debenture holder to buy a Debenture Ticket?

No. Debenture Tickets can be bought and sold by anyone.

How do I buy a Debenture Ticket?

Debenture tickets can be purchased directly from the Debenture Ticket Holder or through a third party.

The cost of Debenture Tickets can be significant and it is recommended that you buy tickets through a reputable Debenture Ticket supplier that offers an ESCROW service and other financial guarantees.

If you purchase a Wimbledon Debenture Ticket you can subsequently sell it or exchange it for a different sear wit another Debenture Ticket holder.

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