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Wimbledon Ground Pass Crowd

A Ground Pass is the cheapest way to get into the Wimbledon Grounds during the Championships. What is a Wimbledon Ground Pass and what can you do with it when you get in?

What is a Wimbledon Ground Pass?

A Ground Pass is a ticket that entitles the holder to enter the Grounds of The Championships.

The Pass allows tennis fans to walk around the Grounds and soak up the atmosphere from some of the Tournament’s iconic locations, including Henman Hill (AKA Murray Mound and Raducanu Rise).

A Ground Pass can only be used for the day on which it is issued.

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Will I be able to watch any matches with a Ground Pass?

Yes. A Ground Pass will let you access Courts 3-19 - on a first come first served basis.

A Ground Pass will not get you into Centre Court, Court No.1 or Court No.2. Although you may be able to upgrade your Wimbledon Ground Pass to gain entry to the main Show Courts.

How much does a Wimbledon Ground Pass cost?

A Ground Pass is the cheapest ticket available for the Wimbledon Championships.

Ground Pass prices are reduced in the second week of the Tournament. One of the reasons that the prices are lower later in the week is that there is a much lower chance of seeing any play on the Ground Pass-accessible court in Week Two, and fewer matches are played.

You can, however, still watch Show Court matches on the big screen in front of the Hill.

Cost of Wimbledon Ground Pass - 2024

Day Cost
Days 1 - 8 £30
Days 9, 10, & 11 £25
Days 12, 13 & 14 £20

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How do I buy a Wimbledon Ground Pass?

Wimbledon is one of the few major sporting tournaments that allows fans to buy tickets on the day of the event.

You cannot buy a Wimbledon Ground Pass online. To get a Ground Pass you will need to join the Wimbledon Queue on the day you wish to attend The Championships.

The Wimbledon Queue

For each day of the Tournament, the AELTC makes the following tickets available, on a first come, first served basis, to people in the Queue:

Ticket Type Tickets Available
Centre Court 500
No.1 Court 500
No.2 Court 500
Ground Pass Several thousand

Competition for tickets in the Queue is fierce, with many tennis fans camping out for one or more nights.

When you first join the Queue, you will be allocated a queue card with your position. If you are between 1st and 500th in the Queue, you will almost likely find yourself on Centre Court. If you are 2,000 the in the Queue - you will probably be offered a Ground Pass.

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Where can I buy a Wimbledon Ground Pass?

To secure a Ground Pass, visitors must queue in front of Gate 3, which is situated on Church Road, opposite Wimbledon Park.

Is a Ground Pass valid for the whole day?

Yes, a Ground Pass entitles you to spend the whole day in the Grounds. You can watch the action on the Outside Courts on a first come, first served basis. You will not have a reserved seat, however, and you will lose the seat if you leave the court.

How do I upgrade a Ground Pass to a Show Court Ticket?

While play can continue late into the evenings, many people leave The Championships early and return their tickets to the Wimbledon ticket resale kiosk on exit.

You may be able to pick up a returned ticket for one of the Show Courts, if you queue later in the afternoon. Returned tickets can be purchased (when available) from the resale kiosk situated inside the grounds.

The ticket office immediately makes these returned Show Court tickets available for Ground Pass holders to buy. This gives you the chance to see a later match on Centre Court, No.1 Court and No. 2 Court.

The cost of returned tickets is £10.

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Debenture tickets offer unparalleled views of the action, amidst VIP luxury. Situated on the same level as the prestigious Royal Box (Centre Court), these exclusive tickets offer superb views of the world's top players on Centre Court and No.1 Court.

Debenture tickets grant you access to a full day of world-class tennis and access to debenture holder facilities, including the exclusive debenture restaurants, and lounges during the tournament.

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