What Time do the Wimbledon Championships Open and Close?

What time do the Grounds Open?

The Wimbledon Grounds open daily at 10am.

By 10am there will already be a Queue at the main entrance. If you are hoping to see the action on the outside courts, you should aim to get there well before 10am.

What time does play start?

Play starts at the following times:

Court Play Starts
Centre Court 1.30pm (2pm on finals weekend)
No. 1 Court 1pm
All other outside courts 11am

What can I do before play starts at Wimbledon?

If you already have a ticket and you arrive at the Grounds as soon as they open, you could find yourself with up to 4 hours to kill. Worry not, seasoned Wimbledon fans will often arrive arrive hours early, as there is much to do before the afternoon play starts on the show courts:

Outside Courts

Play starts on the Outside Courts, allowing fans to watch matches for up to 3 hours before moving to their seat on the show court.

Some of the best players in the world play their first two matches on the outside courts in the first week.

Grab a bite to eat

There is a huge range of easting and drinking options throughout the grounds. Choose from coffee and croissants, sandwiches and salads, to a formal 4-Course lunch if you prefer. And of course nothing goes better with a bowl of strawberries and cream than a glass of Pimm’s.

Do some shopping

There are several shops throughout the Grounds selling Clothes, Homewares, tennis equipment and accessories, stationary and souvenirs. . If you forgot your sunglasses or fancy buying an autographed ball to remember your day, the morning is a good time to have a browse through Wimbledon’s shops.

What time do the Wimbledon Grounds close?

The Grounds close 45 minutes after the end of the last match.

In practice, matches can go on late into the evening – right up to a 11pm deadline imposed by Merton Council. This deadline was famously tested when in 2012, Andy Murray beat Marcos Baghdatis in a 3 hour 13 minute marathon that concluded at 11.02pm. In this example, the grounds would have closed at 11.47pm.

Can I stay after play finishes?

Yes. You can remain in the Wimbledon Grounds until 45 minutes after the final match finishes.

Can I leave and return to the Grounds during the day?

Yes. You can leave and re-enter the Grounds at any stage during the day.

If you intend to return to the Grounds you will need to collect a ‘pass-out wristband’ from Gates 5 or 13.

You will also need to have your mobile ticket scanned on exit and re-entry to the Grounds (Wimbledon now use e-tickets).