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Watching Wimbledon Tennis All Day Ladies

If you really want to frame the day's memories, not to mention making yourself the envy of your social media followers, you will need to know in advance where the best photo opportunities in the Wimbledon grounds are.

One of the most picturesque sporting events in the world

Wimbledon is one of the most picturesque sporting events in the world. Photo opportunities will present themselves constantly throughout the day and the grounds are pristine, and are beautifully designed with many flowers and trees, as well as the green grass courts themselves being very aesthetically pleasing. This means that almost everywhere you look is worthy of a photo.

Your seat

The place to start is obviously your seat, where you will likely spend most of your day.

All seats on any of the show courts offer excellent views of the action. If you want the very best seats the Tournament has to offer, Debenture tickets give spectators a close up view of the tennis, facilitating great action shots of the players.

The outside courts offer an even closer view than the show courts, putting tennis fans almost within touching distance of the players.

Debenture bars, restaurants and lounges

One extra benefit of having Debenture tickets is the access to the exclusive Debenture holder bars, restaurants and lounges. Many of these exclusive venues have balconies with excellent views of the outside courts and the grounds.

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The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC)

The club is steeped in history and tradition, and there are many great photo opportunities to be had around the grounds. The famous white buildings and immaculate lawns make for great backgrounds.

Henman Hill

Henman Hill offers a superb view of the Wimbledon grounds, due to its' elevation and positioning.

From the top of the Hill you can see the big screen on No. 1 Court, as well as No. 1 Court itself, and Centre Court.

You can even photograph some live tennis from the balcony next to Henman Hill above Court 18. This vantage point offers an equally spectacular view of the Wimbledon grounds, with live tennis in the foreground.

Henman Hill is usually very crowded, however, so snapping a picture unobscured by fellow spectators can be something of a challenge. A telescopic selfie stick may prove useful.

Court 12 on the opposite side of the grounds has a good view, particularly if you sit high up in the stands. Both Court 12 and Court 18 can be accessed with any ticket.

The Royal Box

The Royal Box is located on Centre Court and offers a glimpse of some of the famous faces that attend the Tournament each year. Photographers will have to be quick though, as access is tightly controlled.

The Fred Perry statue

One of the most iconic Wimbledon landmarks is the Fred Perry statue next to Centre Court. The statue is a very popular with those looking to record the day.  During busy periods you may find there is a queue of people waiting to have their photo taken in front of the statue. You will usually be able to find a friendly fellow-fan willing to take of photo of you and your partner.

The draw boards

For big tennis fans, the Draw Boards display all the players and their results so far in the Tournament. Stewards regularly scale ladders to update the draw and results. The spectacle is another photo favourite backdrop.

The scoreboards

The scoreboards at Wimbledon are large and easy to read, making them perfect for capturing the excitement of a match in progress.

The Centre Court clubhouse entrance

Another landmark spot is the Centre Court clubhouse entrance, guarded by Army servicemen.

On the other side of the guarded double-doors, the players wait before entering the court. This iconic spot is where all of the legends of the game have once stood.

Above the entrance is a balcony where newly-crowned Wimbledon champions show off their trophy to the fans. 

The players

Of course, the players themselves are one of the main draws of the tournament, and there are many opportunities to capture them in action on court, or relaxing in the players' area.

The crowd

The Wimbledon is usually well dressed and photos capturing the crowd will capture the grand slam atmosphere.

The scoreboards: The scoreboards at Wimbledon are large and easy to read, making them perfect for capturing the excitement of a match in progress.

The trophies

Wimbledon features a number of prestigious trophies that are awarded to the winners of the tournament, including the famous Wimbledon Shield for the Men's and Ladies' Singles champions. Photographing the trophies can be a great way to capture the prestige of the event.

The food and drink

Wimbledon is known for its traditional strawberries and cream and Pimm's. These can also be great subjects for photography and can capture the Summer atmosphere of the Tournament.

What is the photo etiquette during the Wimbledon Tournament?

You are allowed to take photos during the game, but not if doing so constitutes a nuisance or distraction. Taking too many photos, using a flash or loud camera and using a long zoom lens will be a quick way to earn the disapproval of those around you.

When taking photos during play, don't forget to turn off your camera's flash and sound effects.

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