Why are Wimbledon Debenture Tickets so Expensive?

If you are lucky enough to win the Wimbledon Public Ballot, or you are prepared to camp out overnight in the queue, you could end up watching top ranked players battle it out at the Championships for a few hundred pounds.

So why are tennis fans willing to pay significantly more for a Debenture Ticket?

What is a Wimbledon Debenture?

A Wimbledon Debenture is financial instrument (debt security) that grants the owner 5 years of premium seat tickets on Centre Court or No.1 Court, for each day of The Championships.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) issues new Debentures every 5-years for thousands of pounds per Debenture.  The Centre Court series 2021-2025 Debentures were issued for £80,000 per Debenture. Debentures represent a significant up front investment. Despite the significant outlay required, primary Debenture issues are always over subscribed.

Debenture Tickets are the only tickets to the Championships that can be legally bought and sold.

Compared to tickets purchased through the Public Ballot or Wimbledon Queue, Debenture Tickets sell for a significant premium.

Best seats in the house

Debenture Ticket seats give tennis fans the best views of the action on Wimbledon’s historic Centre Court or the Championship’s newly-renovated No. 1 Court.

Debenture seats on Centre Court are situated on the same level (rows A to N) as the Royal Box on the middle ring running around the perimeter of the court.

Debenture seats on No. 1 Court are seats also offer unrivalled view and are located between rows A and Q.

As a tennis fan, or anyone looking for the best the Tournament has to offer, Debenture Tickets let you get up close and personal with the world’s top ranked players.

Access exclusive Debenture Restaurants, Bars and Lounges

Debenture Ticket Holders attending Wimbledon have access to a variety of exclusive restaurants, bars and lounges serving up some of the finest cuisine and refreshments the Championships have to offer.

The prestigious Champion’s Room, The exclusive Renshaw Restaurant and celebrity chef Bryn Williams renowned Courtside Restaurant are but a few of the Debenture only gastro opportunities.

There are also alfresco dining experiences at the Courtside Brasserie and the Debenture lounges that stay open well into the evening after play has finished.

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Beat the crowds

The Debenture experience starts as soon as you arrive. You can book a parking space in Car Park 8 which is reserved only for Debenture Ticket Holders and disabled parking.

There is also a special Debenture drop-off zone for Debenture Ticket Holders inside Car Park 8.

From here you can bypass the crowds and enter the grounds through Gate 4 (in Church Road), which is primarily for the use of Debenture Holders and is closest to Centre Court and the debenture lounges.

A true VIP experience

Wimbledon Debenture Tickets offer tennis fans a real VIP experience. From the moment you arrive at the Tournament, you and your guest will be treated to the best the AELTC has to offer.

The Championships are one of the most oversubscribed events on the global sporting calendar. Debenture Tickets are the most prized tickets at the Tournament. Small wonder that Debenture tickets sell for a premium.

Green and Purple have Debenture Tickets to all days of the Tournament on Centre Court and No. 1 Court to meet a range of budgets. Contact is now for more information.