Wimbledon Debenture Tickets: Which is the best value day of the Tournament?

Thinking of buying Wimbledon Debenture Tickets? Take a look at our value guide, which will help you ensure you have an Ace day at the Championships.

To put it plainly, there really isn’t a bad day to go to watch tennis at Wimbledon, especially if you’re planning on purchasing a Wimbledon Debenture Ticket.

Whether you’re buying a Debenture Ticket for Centre Court or No. 1 Court, you’re guaranteed to see a full day’s play of world-class tennis – whichever day you attend the Tournament.

Thanks to the retractable roofs on both courts, it’s unlikely you’ll miss any play for rain delays, and you may even get lucky and see rescheduled matches being played in the evening on your chosen court.

With a Debenture ticket you can also enter the grounds before the show court play starts, and watch tennis on the outside courts in the morning.

The Championships are played over two weeks, with the world’s best tennis players battling it out across seven thrilling knockout rounds.

That presents spectators with plenty of opportunities to soak up the world-renowned atmosphere of The Championships and also provides Debenture holders with the chance to see their favourite players from these VIP seats.

Big Changes for 2022

One of the changes made for Wimbledon 2022 is the removal of the rest day on the middle Sunday. This means that there will now be 14 days of play. The change also heralds the end of ‘Manic Monday’, with the last 16 matches instead being spread out over two days instead of one.

The Men’s and Ladies’ Quarter Finals are played on both Tuesday and Wednesday, with two matches from each playing on each day. In previous years, the Ladies’ quarter finals were all on Tuesday and the Men’s were all on Wednesday. This makes for more variety over the two days.

What are the best days to go to Wimbledon?

Really, there is no bad day to go to Wimbledon, whichever court and day you choose.

There are some days that will provide a better atmosphere, more opportunities to see the world’s best tennis players, and even some days which will give you a better chance to go ‘celeb spotting’.

It goes without saying that as the Tournament progresses into the later stages of the Tournament, there are more opportunities to see higher-ranked players on Centre Court and No. 1 Court. That does come at a price, with attendees usually seeing significantly fewer matches on the later days.

Conversely, at the start of the Tournament, there are more matches being played on both courts, but you may not get to see some of the Tournament’s biggest battles during the early rounds of the draw.

Instead, you are more likely to see some of the Tournament’s best seeds pitted against lower-ranked players, but this can still make for an entertaining day’s tennis. Everyone loves an underdog, and seeing a top-seeded player crash out in the first round provides for great drama and excitement.

Men’s and Ladies’ Finals

It goes without saying that the Men’s and Ladies’ Finals are two of the hottest tickets for the Championships. After the Ladies’ final there is also the Men’s doubles final, which is always a brilliant watch.

Given the strength of British Men’s doubles at the moment, there is every chance there could be British representation in the form of Jamie Murray, Neal Skupski, or Joe Salisbury, who recently won the US Open Men’s and mixed doubles titles.

Ladies’ and Men’s Semi-Finals

Another popular day to go is the Ladies’ semi finals (on the second Thursday) or the Men’s semi finals (on the second Friday). You’ll get two very high-quality singles matches in one day, and you’re likely to see some of the best players in the world going head-to-head.

Those lucky enough to attend the Men’s Semi-Finals in 2018 were treated to a tense battle between Anderson and Isner, with Anderson prevailing 26-24 in the fifth set, followed by Djokovic and Nadal playing out their own five set epic.

Ticket holders in 2019 got to witness perhaps one of the last meetings between Federer and Nadal, which went to four sets. Whilst some semi-finals have been short or below par in quality, it is unlikely that both Semi-Finals on the day will be being one-sided, and you are virtually guaranteed to view high-quality tennis.

Early rounds

If you want a cheaper opportunity to experience Centre Court or No.1 Court, and to see some of the biggest names in tennis, then a Debenture ticket to one of the earlier rounds in the first week might be the best option.

The early round matches can be less competitive and dramatic than the later rounds, but there is always potential for an upset. Tiafoe recently stunned French Open finalist Tsitsipas in the first round, and in previous years Rosol took out Nadal and Stakhovsky beat Federer early in the Tournament.

2022 may be one of the last opportunities to many legends of the game before they retire, including Federer, Nadal, Murray and the Williams sisters. No matter what matches you get to see, you still get a day out at Wimbledon – a fantastic experience in itself, and something on the bucket list of many sports fans.

Outside courts

For hardcore tennis fans, the first four days could be considered as some of the best days to attend, if you can’t get your hands on a Debenture Ticket for Centre Court or No.1 Court ticket. Some of the best players in the world play their first two matches on the outside courts, which you can access just with a ground pass.

On the outside courts, you can also get incredibly close to the action, giving you a completely different perspective to watching a match on TV. It is also a chance to see some of the rising stars of the game. Names like Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and Rublev were playing on outside courts just a couple of years ago.

However, you are at the mercy of the weather on the outside courts. If you are on Centre Court or No. 1 Court, you are guaranteed a full day’s play as both courts have a retractable roof.

For more detail, check out the Order of Play when you arrive on the day.

What’s the best day for Wimbledon atmosphere?

There is nothing like attending the Championships on Day One, the first Monday. Day One at Wimbledon is something that the sporting world looks forward to from the start of the year, and the anticipation among the crowd, volunteers and staff on the first Monday morning at Wimbledon is one of the most exciting atmospheres in world sport.

Let’s also not forget that you’ll be in esteemed company on whatever day of the championships you wish to attend. Celebrities and members of the Royal Family are often in attendance on Centre Court. If you’re an avid celeb spotter, there’s a greater chance you’ll see a few A-listers attend Centre Court in the later rounds.

Should I go to Wimbledon Week One or Week Two?

To get the best value for your Wimbledon ticket, perhaps some of the best days to attend the Championships are towards the end of the first week.

While Debenture Ticket prices can significantly increase at the last minute, depending on who’s playing, you’re guaranteed some exciting matches in the third and fourth rounds. These matches typically take place between Friday and the 2nd Monday. From 2022 the third and fourth rounds will also include the middle Sunday.

In week two, you’ll also be able to see the Men’s and Ladies’ Singles Quarter-Finals, but you may not see as many games as you would if you were to secure a ticket in the first week.

What is the best day to attend No. 1 Court?

It’s worth noting you can only buy No. 1 Court Debenture Tickets for the first 11 days of the Championships. Unusually, No. 1 Court features doubles matches only on the 11th day. This day offers particularly good value for fans wanting the Wimbledon experience.

What is the best day to attend Centre Court?

Centre Court, meanwhile, has matches being played all 14 days of The Championships, and there is really no bad day to attend the most prestigious tennis arena in the world.

Again, if you are looking for the best value for money Debenture tickets, many spectators favour going to see later singles rounds or the early quarterfinals days at Centre Court. These days are a great opportunity to see some finest players in action, while also guaranteeing a full day of tennis.

So what is the best value day?

The quality of tennis does tend to improve as the Tournament progresses, as is the nature of any knockout, as you see the better players start to face off against each other.

However, the reality is that there is no bad day to go to Wimbledon. With the changing dynamic of both the Men’s and Ladies’ game, the 2022 edition of Wimbledon will be a hard one to predict. If you do opt for tickets to an early round, you could easily witness a memorable upset.

Attending Wimbledon is truly a unique and special experience, no matter what day you attend and what matches you see, if you get the chance it really is an absolute must!

Which matches are on each day of the Wimbledon tournament?

DaysCentre CourtNo. 1 Court
1st Mon &Tues1st Round matches1st Round matches
1st Wed & Thurs2nd Round matches2nd Round matches
1st Fri & Sat3rd Round matches3rd Round matches
1st Sun & 2nd Mon4th Round matches4th Round matches
2nd Tues & WedQuarter Finals matchesQuarter Finals matches
2nd Thurs2 x Ladies’ Semi Finals matchesDoubles Finals
2nd Fri2 x Men’s Semi Finals matchesn/a
2nd SatLadies’ Finals matchn/a
2nd SunMen’s Finals matchn/a