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Debenture tickets are the most sought after tickets at the Wimbledon Championships. Located on the same level as the Royal Box, debenture tickets offer unrivalled views of Centre Court and No. 1 Court.

Debenture tickets also entitle the holder to access a range of exclusive debenture restaurants and bars/lounges during the tournament.

A secure online marketplace

Debenture tickets are the only Wimbledon Championship tickets that can be legally transferred from one owner to another. Each debenture holder is issued with one ticket for each day of the Championship.

Debenture holders will typically attend on some days of the Championship and sell their tickets for the remaining days.

Founded by debenture holders, Green and Purple is a secure online marketplace for Wimbledon Debenture Tickets.

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Are you hoping to attend the Wimbledon Championships in 2021?

We can help you skip the queues and uncertainty, and securely buy exclusive Wimbledon tickets.

Debenture tickets entitle you to a full day of world-class tennis and access to debenture holder facilities.

To find out more or to buy Wimbledon 2021 tickets today, contact our Ticket Office at tickets@greenandpurple.com.

For sellers

We help debenture holders to sell and exchange their tickets within a streamlined, secure marketplace.

Whether you want to sell Wimbledon debenture tickets for The Championships 2021 today, or want to make an enquiry about exchanging tickets with fellow debenture holders, contact our Club Office at club@greenandpurple.com.